Thursday, September 26, 2019

What constitutes a quality research proposal Essay

What constitutes a quality research proposal - Essay Example Proficiency in research proposal writing cannot counteract an unsound project, yet it can offer the supplementary gauge of quality that discerns a premium research proposal with its competition (Levinson 2000). Basically a research proposal is the demonstration of a plan that an individual aims to pursue. A quality research proposal supposes that the researcher have already deliberated about his/her project and have allocated substantial time and effort in collecting relevant information, analysing and then structuring his/her ideas. A good research proposal is not a hastened task (Saunders 2006). Therefore, one could think that the research proposal is a subsequent step, after the topic selection. The actual research proposal will specify the analytical question a researcher aims to investigate. The groundwork of a quality research proposal is a viable research problem. Moreover, a quality research proposal has nine components, and each part is essential in a successful presentation. The particular outline and content of the components could differ (Marcoulides 1998). In order to demonstrate what constitutes a quality research proposal it is important to discuss the research components. Above all, the statement of the problem should incorporate a definite and short statement of the objective or purpose of the plan. In a business research proposal, this section is made up of the particular question/s to be studied, a succinct description of the significance of the study, and an account of how the findings will contribute to the present literature (Marcoulides 1998). Second, a good research proposal should indicate the researcher’s analyses of relevant literatures and where particularly his/her investigation stands in that framework. This section has not to be long, though it should be wide-ranging. It should outline the fundamental issues in the literature, emphasise key areas of conflict, and demonstrate a critical

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